Anton Chekhov Award 2018

Claire Guyton

Anastasia, My Broken Bird   If she had not been the sort of princess who, as a child, liked to trip her servants, would she have come to this moment? In this blackened room crowded by fabric and limbs and…
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Elisabeth Ingram Wallace- 2nd Place

She Said Her Favourite Colour Was Haddock   Haddock is not a colour I said, but she talked about rainbows and I saw them too. A colour you can catch and throw back in. I’ll just slit you up in…
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Angela Readman, Winner

Ten Months with Octopus Even when severed from the body, the limbs of an octopus can function on their own. I clean outside the tanks at Sea Land and catch the display, rubber squidgy screaming over wet glass. The couple…
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