Issue #14

Issue 14, Fall 2018

Josh Russell

Good People   We take our boys to church. It’s been a while. We remember the Hello My Name Is badges stuck between their then-tiny shoulder blades when we fetched them from childcare the last time we came. Back then…
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Dan Crawley

Let’s Play Ball, Cecil   A young boy entered the sunken ball court through the skinny entrance not far from the ancient pueblo ruins. The only other visitor in the miniature arena was a man wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and…
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Salvatore Difalco

Three Days   I opened my eyes from a deep sleep with a start. Nonna’s toothless face hovered over mine, her eyes swollen and red, her breath hot and coffee-tinged. I pulled the sheets up to my chin and tried…
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Joy Allen

Migration   In the thick of fall migration, all the city kept watch. We’d heard the warnings; this year would yield more birds than usual, louder and hungrier than any season before. News stations blared reports. Headlines talked in caps-lock….
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Paul Crenshaw

“Fuck Zeus,” Ms. Lynne Said in Fourth Period English   And Tommy tittered. Sean sat up at the sound. The rest of us looked at Ms. Lynne in her checkered shirt and Catwoman glasses, too stunned to respond. “I’m sorry?”…
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