Archival Brilliance — 1

Flashes from the Past  by Al Kratz, NFFR Fiction Editor It’s like finding a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans. It’s like scrolling through your photos on Facebook, seeing yourself doing something you forgot you ever did….
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Dear Leo #6

Writing Your Inner Child Or how to see with “Salvador Dali Eyes” (an awesome story by Douglas Campbell that you’re going to wish you wrote yourself) by Leonora Desar Sometimes (often) being an adult is lame. Not to mention writing…
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Anton Chekhov Prize For Very Short Fiction, 2019

Results from Judge, Angela Readman Winner: “Urineworts” by Bruce Meyer 2nd Place: “More Than Sex” by Carmen Marcus 3rd Place: “Something Like Drowning” by Gaynor Jones Judge’s Report by Angela Readman The winning stories all stood out for not wasting…
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