Best of the Net Nominations, 2018

Our BEST OF THE NET nominations are in! We’ve nominated “Tooth” by Whitney Scharer and “Out of Reach” by Steve Cushman. Good luck to Whitney and Steve!

Notes from the Slush Pile by Al Kratz

Beginnings   I’d like to share some ideas on beginnings that occurred to me after a recent run through the slush pile. REM wrote a great song called Begin the Begin on their album, Life’s Rich Pageant. It started: Birdie…
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3 NFFR stories in new Norton Anthology

— From Meg Pokrass, NFFR Founding Editor — I’m thrilled to be holding an advanced reading copy of W.W. Norton’s anthology New Micro: Exceptionally Short fiction edited by Norton Anthology’s editor James Thomas and microfiction author Robert Scotellaro! I was…
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