Notes from the Slush Pile by Al Kratz

Beginnings   I’d like to share some ideas on beginnings that occurred to me after a recent run through the slush pile. REM wrote a great song called Begin the Begin on their album, Life’s Rich Pageant. It started: Birdie…
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3 NFFR stories in new Norton Anthology

— From Meg Pokrass, NFFR Founding Editor — I’m thrilled to be holding an advanced reading copy of W.W. Norton’s anthology New Micro: Exceptionally Short fiction edited by Norton Anthology’s editor James Thomas and microfiction author Robert Scotellaro! I was…
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The Creative Process

—The Creative Process (Paris) in Collaboration with NFFR— We’re very excited here at New Flash Fiction Review! A handful of excerpts from New Flash Fiction Review‘s last 5 years have been selected by The Creative Process for an upcoming exhibition as part of…
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