Happy News and Sad News

We’re sad to say that today’s Flash Fiction Triptych is the last in our series. Like all the best ideas, the Triptychs came about in a light-bulb moment in the New Flash Fiction Review penthouse office suite – no brainstorming or s.w.o.t. analysis. We launched back in January 2019 and have since hosted truly remarkable work by some of the best Flash Fiction writers in the world. The response to the series has gathered huge momentum. We hope that Flash writers and Flash Fiction magazine editors everywhere will continue to represent this exciting model of the short form. And what a way to finish – with a typically piquant piece by our Editor in Chief and Flash Femme Fatale, Meg Pokrass.

….. and the HAPPY NEWS is that next weekend we start a new series of Flash Fictions called ‘PLACE’.

We will be inviting selected writers to submit one of their own photographs of a ‘PLACE’ together with a piece of flash fiction. We have already received some brilliant work from a new cohort of writers.

We expect this to become an astonishing follow-on act to our wonderful Triptychs.

Please don’t miss it.

—Steven John, Features Editor