Interview with Robert Scotellaro

Tommy Dean asks author Robert Scotellaro, co-editor (along with James Thomas) of NEW MICRO – EXCEPTIONALLY SHORT FICTION, to talk about the creation of NEW MICRO and to discuss what qualities successful microfiction pieces share.

(This interview is part of New Flash Fiction Review’s ongoing New Micro (W.W. Norton & Co., 2018) interview series, created by New Flash Fiction Review’s Founding Editor, Meg Pokrass.)

TD: As a well-established micro writer yourself, what did you learn from reading/choosing many of the stories for this anthology?

RS: It was somewhat of a revelation to discover how manfine writers have turned their talents to the micro story form.  I read thousands of stories, 300 words or less, and was amazed at the variety of approaches and strategies employed in creating them. Each story in the anthology is rife with impact and ingenuity,and fresh, often poetic, language.  

Robert Scotellaro has published widely in journals and anthologies, including W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction InternationalNANO FictionGargoyleThe Journal of Compressed Creative Arts,and many others. Two of his stories were Best Small Fictions winners (2016 and 2017). He is the author of seven literary chapbooks, several books for children, and three full-length flash and micro story collections: Measuring the Distance, What We Know So Far (winner of The Blue Light Book Award), and Bad Motel.  He has, along with James Thomas, edited New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fictionpublished by W.W. Norton & Company (August, 2018).  Visit him at