Love Story Bouquet

Special Feature: Editors’ Love Story Bouquet


What is Love?

Do we need it? Want it? Deserve it?

Don’t expect to find the answers in the four tiny love stories below.

They’re just here for your enjoyment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


With love,

The NFFR team



Hi, Hi, Hi! by Meg Pokrass

“At first they felt zippy and free, his bird-night summer e-mails. One e-mail would say just a few warm words, trail off, be gone it seemed— but then, surprise!”

Union Forever by Al Kratz

“Years later, Christopher and Meryl divorce. Years later later, Christopher and Meryl are to re-marry.”

Adagietto for String Section and Solo Harp by Steven John

“We’re numb from bed heat. Rippled skin from storm-wrecked sheets, with the scent of animal, rut stained.”

Swan Lake by Claire Polders

“The night I met her she was wearing all white, as a ruse perhaps, for she was no angel. One look into her eyes and you knew: flammable, ambivalent, relentless.”