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Dear Leo # 1

How to deal with being a failed writer, writing to get in someone’s pants, writing with the blood, and a bunch of other stuff by Leonora Desar Truthalert! (Usually I write fiction and I lie.) The other week I spoke…
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The Creative Process

—The Creative Process (Paris) in Collaboration with NFFR— We’re very excited here at New Flash Fiction Review! A handful of excerpts from New Flash Fiction Review‘s last 5 years have been selected by The Creative Process for an upcoming exhibition as part of…
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Seven Banned Words Microfiction Feature

February, 2018 Sarah Salway David Drury Nod Ghosh Robert John Miller Dan Crawley January, 2018 Jude Higgins Kerry Rawlinson December, 2017 Jennifer Harvey Kat Gonso        

Two by Two Story Collaborations

Feature Editor, Pamela Painter   I was delighted when Meg Pokrass asked me to be a Feature Editor for New Flash Fiction Review.  Here is my first Feature and one that I hope will continue beyond the first Two by…
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“Something Lost” Contest Winners 2016

Congratulations to Leonard Kress and Joe McDade, who tied for first place in our “Something Lost” microfiction contest! There were so many strong entries, it was nearly impossible to decide. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest!   What…
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