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Amy Breau

Suite X I was prepared to answer the first question, have you ever wanted to kill someone? But it completely threw me off when they asked, have you ever wanted to keep someone needlessly alive? One of the interviewers blinked…
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Shivani Mehta

the invisible girl can be anything she wants when she doesn’t want to be invisible A snow leopard, a tree, an owl. Her favorite is any winged creature. Bats, dragonflies. The invisible girl senses her mother’s grief at the invisible…
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Kathleen McGookey

Postcard From the Petrified Forest   Dear Mother, So far I have learned twenty-seven names for cactus:  organ pipe, hedgehog, fishhook, blue myrtle.  Chunks of petrified wood look like slabs of meat, rosy and glistening, and quite out of place…
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