Anton Chekhov Prize For Very Short Fiction, 2020

Results from Judge, Hugh Behm-Steinberg 


‘Pursed’ by Amina Gautier

First Runner Up:

‘Tiers of Joy’ by Cyn Nooney

Second Runner Up:

‘My Grandmother in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1943, When They Were Building an Atomic Bomb by Emily Kiernan

Third Runner Up:

‘The Birds of Joy’ by Luke Rolfes


‘Everything Slippery and Gone’ by Melissa Bowers

‘Ivan’s Hamster’ by Andrew Stancek

‘Muscle Memory’ by Edith Johnson

‘The Thing the Dog Daisies Could Have Told You by Morning’ by Niamh McCabe

Honorable Mention:

‘Babushka’ by Kristen Loesch

‘Deluge’ by Bob Thurber

‘Diamond Pumps’ by Emily Woodworth

‘And During the Evening, Some Things of No Little Significance Became Apparent’ by Jason Jackson

‘Herbert’ by Ezgi Üstündağ

‘Never Again’ by Kate Maxwell

‘The Scent of Roses’ by Vineetha Mokkil