November 11, 2021

Issue 25

New Flash Fiction

Hologram Jesus by Eileen Vorbach Collins

Nkuku by Gaele Sobott

Florida Dreams of Mountains by Elissa Cahn

When Christmas Shows Up by Francine Witte

Grandma by L. Soviero

Unti the Aye-aye by Ara Hone

The Lies that Grow in the Flames by Shelly Jones

How To Fetch Water from a Well When You Only Have an Office Chair to Hand by Jude Higgins

The Eelgrass is Dead by Gabrielle Griffis

Micro Life

In Ostia, 1975 by Margaret MacInnis

Explaining Fractions to My Son at 7:30 on a Tuesday Evening by Briana Maley

Snow Globe by Yael Veitz

The Hook by Kayann Short

Forensics of Anxiety by Alfred Fournier

Painting by Kristy Evans

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