Nude woman on a couch looking at a skeleton
May 14, 2018

Issue 13

ZOO by Jeff Landon

Please Do Not Smoke at the Funeral by Robert Shapard

Tiny House by Nancy Stohlman

Two Girls Contemplate What Gorillas Do at Night by Angela Readman

Cry to the Moon by Sandra Arnold

The Goldilocks Zone by Christopher Allen

Vampire by Jeff Friedman

Everything, Then Silence by Justin Herrmann

The Cricket by Ron Burch

Scenes of the Sixth Grade by Rae Kim

The Sting and the Tale by Anne Summerfield

Matter of Time by Claire Polders

The Hive Vandal by Carolyn Oliver

Guilty by MJ McGinn

Afterglow by Clio Velentza

Homebody by Epiphany Ferrell

Your Daily Bread by Elise Blackwell

The Fissure by James Coffey

The Last Recommendation by Tasha Cotter

Accordion by Lynne Barrett

A hole inside you, growing by Christopher M. Drew

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