Back Then and Now by David James

Back then we used to dance slowly to Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me” on your parquet floors, whispering about planting our vegetable garden, planning to seed the lawn with centipede grass, promising to count all the red cars that came down the street.

Last night she sat beside me on her couch, each of us punching holes in our thing, trying to rationally dissolve the relationship, well aware that we are on a train that is destined to crash headlong into our families. She repeated, “Our problem is two too many spouses” to which I agreed, and then she turned out the lights and we touched.

David James resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and upon entering the third trimester of his life he finds himself reading a lot and staring at walls. He hasn’t submitted work for publishing consideration, but he has had selected stories included in Revolution John, Camroc Press Review, and Apocrypha Abstractions.

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