Two people walking along the shore
April 2, 2018

Issue 12

A Lamb at the Dinner Table by Robert Scotellaro

On Her Finger by Jason Jackson

I’m Fine or Save Me by Robert Lopez & Eva Ruiz

Separations by Sudha Balagopal

Forgotten by Jo Davies

Bone Deep by Anita Goveas

The Mechanics of Reincarnation by C.E. Shue

The Boy with the Glass Eye by Stacy Trautwein Burns

My Mother in the Floorboards by Leonora Desar

Los Muertos by Tommy Dean

The Easy Way by Michelle Ross

She’s the morning after the night before feeling by Laura Tansley

Climax by Traci Skuce

30-Minute Backrub in Chinatown by David Galef

Playing Pretend by Jacalyn Eis

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