Boy smoking sitting next to a chicken
August 31, 2018

Issue 14

Good People by Josh Russell

No Business Being Spectacular by Tara Isabel Zambrano

Wedding Cake Farm by Francine Witte

Sweet Violets by A.E. Weisgerber

How Not to Become an Expat by Kara Vernor

The Suitor by Anna Vangala Jones

Three Days by Salvatore Difalco

The Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles by Cathy Ulrich

Horse Walks into the Bar by Joel Streicker

The Girl Who Eats Lightbulbs by Helen Rye

Smart Kid by Arthur Plotnik

Girls in Bars by Aimee Parkison

Down at Al’s Pool Hall by Robert Garner McBrearty

A Lobster Walks Into a Laundromat by Jayne Martin

My Best Man by John Mancini

The Slow-Motion Divorce by Craig Loomis

Lavender by Adam Lock

There’s a Joke Here Somewhere and It’s On Me by Sara Lippmann

Anatomy of a Marriage by Stephanie Hutton

Via Dolorosa by Karen Jones

No Monster by Eric Bosse

Millhouse Again by Paul Beckman

My Painting of Me by Adam Berlin

Sling Shot by Craig Fishbane

Pretty Girl by Jacqueline Doyle

The Unintentional Ways of Timelessness by Nikoletta Gjoni

Odin, Consider Me for Valhalla by Michael Hammerle

“Fuck Zeus,” Ms. Lynne Said in Fourth Period English by Paul Crenshaw

Migration by Joy Allen

Let’s Play Ball, Cecil by Dan Crawley


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