Woman looking at a statue head
October 4, 2017

Issue 9

Bear Wrestling by Gary Fincke

Home by Tree Riesener

Leftovers from Kali’s Table by Leonard Kress

Halfway through Malachi by Melissa Goode

His Old Man by Gary Duncan

Let’s Make Sounds like Water by Angela Readman

Mushrooms, for example by Francine Witte

Darling by Erin Lyndal-Martin

Minnows by Stephen V. Ramey

No Coming Back by Dzvinia Orlowsky

Wait Here and Undelivered by Daryl Scroggins

#masculinity by Rhona Millar

Out of Reach by Steve Cushman

What to Keep by Jay Merill

When Mary Dances by Rachel Smith

Saturday Night at the BK Lot by Danielle Holmes

Images by Diane Simmons

Canon by Lynn Pattison

And So She Did by Jacquelyn Bengfort

The things taken, the things left behind by Jason Jackson

Tooth by Whitney Scharer

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