Bird by Kim Chinquee

I am early, sitting in bird’s-eye of the bakery, reading my book outside at a table. It’s a good book, with language I appreciate, and the plot moves along.

I asked my ex-boyfriend to have lunch. I’m not sure why. I was the one to end things. We were together for two years—after I began to love him, seems I did more than just pay when the bill came.

Our last encounter ended with him telling me to stop talking about the possibilities between us. His eyes looked to my left, and he said, “You’re just making all this harder.”

I’m not sure why I’m here. I’m not sure whey he agreed to come.

It’s a good book. The sun is shining, and when I think to leave, I look up,I see this man in green coming toward me, not knowing who he is right away.

Kim Chinquee is the author of the collections OH BABY, PRETTY, and PISTOL. She is an associate editor of NEW WORLD WRITING, and editor of ELJ (ELM LEAVES JOURNAL). She lives in Buffalo, New York.

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