Our longlist is here! Congratulations to the writers whose stories are on this list! There were nearly 400 submissions this year, the competition was fierce!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! It was a very competitive one, and we’re sorry if your story (or stories) did not make it to the long list this time around.

We do not know who the writers of these stories are. This contest is being judged blind. If your story made the longlist, please do not mention the name of the story on social media. You are, of course, welcome to say that you have made it on to this very hard to get on list! A short list will be announced in the next few weeks.

Here are the longlisted pieces:

Numbing the Sun
Three Pictures of My Father That Survived the Great Divorce Purge of 1977
Memory Laps
Wherever Below Her Might Be
How Much Is It?
The Sum of the Parts
Blind Maggie
My Mother’s Life: A Shorthand
For Lily
My Buddhist
The Rosary
Hurts So Good
Suck it up
Balancing Elizabeth
Zero Gravity
More Than Sex
The Repossessing
Something Like Drowning

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