Motion to Present the Defendant’s Pinterest Boards as Evidence by Jo Gatford

Tealights and wedding favors. Chalkboards and house rules.

In this house we smile and we smile and we do not let it slip.

How to shift stubborn stains with salt water. How to pack your entire life inside a single bag. How to origami-fold unspoken words into flightless birds.

Fill a jar with paper wishes and throw it at the wall. Pick out the largest shard of glass and clean up the mess before he gets home.

Twelve common household toxins. Three poisonous bulbs you should never eat. Seven slow cooker recipes worth waiting for.

Jo Gatford writes flash disguised as poetry, poetry disguised as flash, and sometimes things that are even longer than a page. Her chapbook, The Woman’s Part, was published in January 2022 by Stanchion Books and her short fiction and poetry has most recently featured in PRISM, The Lumiere Review, Voidspace, Full House Lit, The Woolf and Flash Frog. She has not used Pinterest since the mid 2010s.

scales of justice and a gavel

Photo by Sora Shimazaki.

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