From the American Medical Association Keynote, 2050 Annual Conference by Robert John Miller

Remember, no one uses the term “fetuses” anymore. Call them “man-babies.” It makes people think of themselves, remembrance of times past and all that. Like, them as little kids, babies even. Sure, some people will inevitably be women, but stick with “man-babies.” It rolls off the tongue. And people will know what you mean. Everybody is included in the term “man-babies.” Men, born babies, unborn babies, everyone. Women, too. Man-babies have popped right out of all kinds of women, so women are included right there. A whole real diversity of inclusion, with the word “man-babies.” Everybody wins. So just don’t bring gender into it. “Man-babies” is a totally neutral term. Say it with me. “Man-babies.”

Robert John Miller’s work has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Camroc Press, Full of Crow, Metazen, Monkeybicycle, PoeticDiversity, Rattle, and others, available at He lives in Chicago and is working on a novel.

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