Sherrie Flick

Interview with Sherrie Flick

Meg Pokrass talks to Sherrie Flick about her forthcoming work in NEW MICRO (W.W. Norton & Co., 2018), her forthcoming collection from Autumn House Press, THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS  (Autumn House Press, 2018) and her work as Series Editor for BEST SMALL FICTIONS, 2018.

Sherrie Flick

After the Fall by Sherrie Flick and Sam Ligon

Twilight in the garden. Rudy rubbed the tomato plant leaf nearest him and did not call Elaine. Elaine was with Donnie now and Donnie was a philistine, Donnie was a thief. “Donnie came to my house,” Rudy said out loud, “and stole a leg of beef.” Jesus—was it...