Tommy Dean

Interview with Pamela Painter

Tommy Dean interviews Pamela Painter, whose story “Letting Go” was first published in New Flash Fiction Review, and reprinted in NEW MICRO (W.W. Norton & Co., 2018).  Her second story in NEW MICRO is “Help” first published in Five Points. 

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Interview with Robert Scotellaro

Tommy Dean asks author Robert Scotellaro, co-editor (along with James Thomas) of NEW MICRO - EXCEPTIONALLY SHORT FICTION, to talk about the creation of NEW MICRO and to discuss what qualities successful microfiction pieces share.

Robert Scotellaro

Interview with Matt Sailor

Tommy Dean asks Matt Sailor to discuss his story “Sea Air” forthcoming in NEW MICRO — EXCEPTIONALLY SHORT FICTION (W.W. Norton & Co., 2018) and to talk about the craft of writing microfiction.

Matt Sailor

Interview with Stuart Dybek

Tommy Dean asks Stuart Dybek to discuss the unique properties and variations particular to short form writing. Stuart Dybek's story "Initiation" is forthcoming in New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction (W.W. Norton & Co, 2018) and was originally published in New Flash Fiction Review's Issue #4, guest edited by Robert Shapard.

Stuart Dybek

Interview with Meg Pokrass

Meg Pokrass, New Flash Fiction Review's Founding Editor and Norton anthology contributor is interviewed here by Tommy Dean. New Micro: Exceptionally Short Stories, is forthcoming from W.W. Norton & Co. in 2018.

Meg Pokrass
Issue #12

Los Muertos by Tommy Dean

The car—a black shadow—not there a second before, weaved drunkenly toward the mailbox, before eclipsing the end of their driveway, veering toward the other side of the road.

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