Meg Pokrass

A Letter to Meg

Dear Meg;

Enclosed please find twenty-four thank you notes. Twenty-four tributes. Twenty-four works that you inspired.

When we made the call for our tribute issue, the response was a resounding Yes! Yes I have been taught and inspired by Meg! Yes I would be honored to contribute! Yes!

Twenty-four is a lot of stories! Please forgive the occasional error that might have made it through. The occasional mix of formats. The occasional imperfections. Twenty-four is a lot of stories. But the true cap here was how many people we managed to ask. The full set of Meg’s impact is even so much bigger. Apologies in advance to those we didn’t call, but please realize we know there are so many more than could be enclosed here, and we look forward to seeing all of you in our Submission Queue for the May issue.

Meg, NFFR is the house you built. It seems that the number one house rule is to passionately share and enjoy the love of flash fiction.  Like all the NFFR ideas of the past, this one was a collaboration. Audra, Karen, Misty, Mary, Constance and Al are happy to share it with you now. 

We hope you love it too,

Your Students and Fans.

April 2021.

March 28, 2021

Special Issue: Welcome to the Mega Meganthology!

At Some Point, Bob Turned Into a Dog by Francine Witte

What Blooms by Constance Malloy

Ugly Thing by Claire Polders

This House by Audra Kerr Brown

The Woman in My Closet by Misty Urban

The Girl From the Laundromat & The Alligators Are Never Far by Frankie McMillan

Teaching the Dog to Speak French by Karen Jones

Skim Coats by Amy Barnes

Green Sleeves Under the Mermaid by Gay Degani

Rita Next Door by Valerie Fox

Pancake by Mary Thompson

On Fire by Riham Adly

Man On the Street by Al Kratz

Lunar Landing by Sara Hills

Lucky Lucky Tinsel Cake by April Bradley

Location by Patricia Q Bidar

Just Us Two by Jayne Martin

An Approximation of Melody by Tommy Dean

Helen Keller Lives by Leonora Desar

Flake by Lucien Desar

Three Micros by Pat Foran

Hands Off by Jason Jackson

Thank God and Greyhound by Jan Stout

The Golden Barista by A.E. Weisgerber

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