Woman sitting on a bench in the snow

Editor's Note

Welcome to our Winter’s Tales Special Feature. In this issue the editors and some friends share stories inspired by winter-themed photographs. Grab a warm drink, curl up in your favourite chair, get cosy and enjoy. Thanks for being our readers – we look forward to you keeping us busy with your brilliant submissions next year.

Thanks to everyone who trusted us with their work this month. It was difficult to watch the events of the world unfold as we were reading this month, but it was also another reminder of the power of love. The power of creativity. The power of being alive. Good will always win out in the long run, but it’s all too frequent pairing with unnecessary loss is a sad reality to be sure.

Thanks to everyone who has allowed us to share this work with you now. We hope you enjoy it.

-Al Kratz March 2022

December 13, 2020

Special Issue: Winter’s Tales

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