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Legs over High Tor by Paul Hill, 19752New Feature at New Flash Fiction Review:  

Two by Two:  Story Collaborations From Feature Editor, Pamela Painter


I was delighted when Meg Pokrass asked me to be a Feature Editor for NFFR.  Here is my first Feature and one that I hope will continue beyond the first Two by Two Collaboration.

The Guidelines: 

NFFR invites an established Flash Fiction writer to take part in our TWO BY TWO story collaboration.  When this writer accepts our invitation, he or she then chooses a partner to collaborate on a Flash story of between 200 and 400 words.

The process begins when the designated first writer sends their chosen partner three possible story openings of two sentences each.

The second writer has the honor, the task, of choosing one pair of those two-sentence choices to begin the story, and then adding two of his or her own.

From there, the story moves forward two sentences at a time—sentences that are a series of gifts to the partner to use and build on until the story is finished.

The writers agree on a title, each writes a paragraph about the collaboration process, and New Flash Fiction Review publishes their comments and the Flash  story.   The time-frame from start to finish should be no longer than two months.

We’re pleased to announce that Sherrie Flick has accepted our invitation to begin the Two by Two Collaboration.


Pamela Painter is the author of the flash fiction collection, Wouldn’t You Like to Know.  Her most recent book is Ways to Spend the Night.  Her story collaborations with Randall Brown have been published by CounterExamplePoetics, New Flash Fiction Review, and Greenbriar Review.

Sherrie Flick is the author of the flash fiction chapbook, I Call This Flirting, and the very new flash collection, Whiskey, Etc.  Her flash fiction has been widely published in Smokelong Quarterly, Ploughshares, Flash Fiction Forward, Booth, and New Sudden Fiction among others