Horo-Flash, Aries: Angela Readman

Lambs We like the craziness, me and my sister. Rushing into the garden when the sheep escape from the field. The lambs are all wearing lipstick, the roses Dad planted mushed into Joker mouths. Ma never picks the flowers anyway….
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Horo-Flash, Aries: Dan Crawley

Mister Gold I’m sure Ellie doesn’t want to go out for her birthday. She’ll bury her nose in a book, and I’ll let her be. Plus, I have more DVRed shows to watch. Then I hear her squeal in the…
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Horo-Flash, Pisces: Kathryn Kulpa

The Artist Poses His Muse Before a Goldfish Bowl (after Henri Matisse, Woman Before a Fish Bowl ) He never tells me to smile. He says he likes me best for my perfect blankness. Once he painted my eyes. Only…
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Place: Mary Thompson

Black Magic Woman When I am 14, we skive school and go for chips, which we drown in vinegar and nosh on the swings overlooking the sea. A squally wind is blowing right in our faces but we keep eating…
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Holiday Noir Feature

Al Kratz Steven John Meg Pokrass Mary Grimm Tracey Meloni Morgana MacLeod Francine Witte Mary Thompson