Writing Prompts

Prompt from Meg Pokrass: Lack of Fear

Write a story about a character who exhibits an animal-like lack of fear about something that most humans are fearful of. Try and incorporate the following 4 words: finger, stop, tissue, shuffle

Infidelity/Shoes Prompt

Prompt from Meg Pokrass: Write a story about shoes, but make the real story be about infidelity. Try and incorporate the following words: scarf, oil, ball, train, magpie

Prompt from Meg Pokrass: Distrusting Luck

Write a flash fiction about luck which arrives unexpectedly! Focus on a character who distrusts this sudden luck. Try to incorporate the following words into your first draft: inch, finger, snag

Prompt From Meg Pokrass: My Life As a Colorful Fish

In this story write about being caught in a world or a situation which makes your main character feel submerged, but special. Here are a few words to try and incorporate in your first draft: Money, Bubble, Swoop

Prompt from Meg Pokrass: Loving a Phantom

Write a story in which a character loves somebody who isn’t really there (literally or figuratively).¬† Try to incorporate the following words into a the first draft: slip, palm, fasten, strike, button. Let the words take you somewhere. You can…
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