Meg Pokrass

NFFR’s Founding Editor, Meg Pokrass, is the U.K. based author of seven flash fiction collections, an award-winning collection of prose poetry, a flash fiction chapbook, and two novellas-in-flash. Her latest books are The Dog Seated Next to Me (Pelekinsis, 2019), Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (V. Press, 2020), An Object At Rest (Ravenna Press, 2020), and The Loss Detector (Bamboo Dart Press 2020). Her stories have been published in Electric Literature, Waxwing, Washington Square Review, Wigleaf, McSweeney’s, and more than 800 literary magazines over the last 10 years. Meg is the Founding Co-Editor, along with Gary Fincke of the Best Microfiction anthology series (Pelekinesis Press). These days, Meg serves as a consulting editor for New Flash Fiction Review.

Flash Fiction Workshops

Meg is a great teacher of flash fiction. Her classes lead writers to generating lots of material in directions they may not have gone on their own!