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NFFR’s Spring Issue submissions are now closed, and will reopen in April.
We’re still accepting stories for our 7 Banned Words Micro Feature. With submissions for this feature, please only submit one time to us unless we ask you (query you) for more work.
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7 Banned Words Micro Feature

If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them. -George Orwell

On December 15th, 2017, we learned through reliable news sources such as the Washington Post that the Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the Center for Disease Control from using seven words in their official documents: The words are as follows: “evidence-based”, “science-based” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” and “fetus.” This isn’t dystopian fiction. This is real.

In protest, we writers and editors at New Flash Fiction Review have decided to offer the flash fiction community a challenge: To use these words creatively and to write a quirky, original microfiction story (up to 300 words) using some or all of these banned words. Your submitted stories do not have to be political in nature. We’ll post our very favorites here regularly as part of NFFR’s new special feature. You can submit through Submittable below. As always, submissions are free. Important: We ask that you submit only one story for consideration as part of our feature (unless queried for more work directly).

Finally, as a wild and wonderful example of how much cathartic fun this exercise can be, here’s a clip of the great George Carlin given a similar exercise in 1972.