Jack B. Bedell

Issue 31

Issue 31 includes new work by Jack B. Bedell, Courtney Clute, Giselle Gerbrecht, Jude Higgins, Josie Kochendorfer, Joel Hans, Rosaleen Lynch, Imogen Rae, Max Steiner, and Cecilia Wright.

Vintage photo of a woman leaning on table with a black cat standing next to a skeleton holding a trombone.
Issue #31

Swamp Thing Works through the Third Skandha by Jack B. Bedell

My first week living in this swamp I had a hard time admitting I was what I was. The growth formula, the fire, all the violence and loss—these things caused me to be the thing I am, and what was left of the scientist in me made me want to find an antidote of some kind to fix the problem I had become.

Swamp Scene (1885) painting in high