Issue 33

Featuring new work by Cole Beauchamp, Elizabeth Conway, Kathy Hoyle, Alex Juffer, Hetty Mosforth, Jane O’Sullivan, Liz Rosen, Shaun Levin, and Kathryn Silver-Hajo.

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Issue 32: Animal Life

Issue 32: Animal Life features work by L. Acadia, Guy Biederman, Tim Craig, Judy Darley, Laura Grant, Brandon Haffner, Lucinda Kempe, Jay Kenny, Georgie Morvis, Alan Michael Parker, Vincent James Perrone, Catherine Roberts, Vimla Sriram, and Sidney Tilghman.

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Issue 31

Issue 31 includes new work by Jack B. Bedell, Courtney Clute, Giselle Gerbrecht, Jude Higgins, Josie Kochendorfer, Joel Hans, Rosaleen Lynch, Imogen Rae, Max Steiner, and Cecilia Wright.

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Issue 30: 2023 New Flash Fiction Prize

Issue 30 features work by Shane Larkin, Fiona McKay, Donna Obeid, Jennifer Lai, Richard Holinger, Melissa Llanes Brownlee, Kathleen Latham, Lynn Powers, Elizabeth Fletcher, and JP Relph.

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Issue 29

Featuring new work by Christine H. Chen, Darlene Eliot, Annamaria Formichella, Elizabeth Fletcher, Robert Herbst, Sara Hills, Serena Jayne, Michelle Morouse, Audrey NIVEN, Kelly Pedro, Kathryn Silver-Hajo, Daniel Addercouth, Tom Vowler, Nan Wigington, Rena Willis, and Dan Crawley.

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Issue 28

Featuring new microfiction by Kathryn Aldridge-Morris, Gail Anderson, Kate Faigen, Jo Gatford, Jeff Goll, Suzanne Hicks, Ruth Joffre, Lorette Luzajic, Frankie McMillan, Angeline Schellenberg, Curtis Smith, Julia Ruth Smith, Joshua Michael Stewart, Jeff Young, and Nathan Leslie.

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Issue 27

Featuring work by Olga Dermott-Bond, Angela Readman, JP Relph, Tommy Dean, Louella Lester, Keith J. Powell, River Kozhar, Lynn Mundell, and Leah Mueller.

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Issue 26

Featuring new work by Cathy Ulrich, Georgiana Nelsen, Todd Clay Stuart, Noémi Scheiring-Oláh, Gordon Mennenga, Kinneson Lalor, Tanya Cliff, Joe Kapitan, Kate Gehan, Kathleen McGookey, Louella Lester, and Marina Vaysberg. Cover Photography by Al Kratz.

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Issue 25

Featuring work by Eileen Vorbach Collins, Gaele Sobott, Elissa Cahn, Francine Witte, L. Soviero, Ara Hone, Shelly Jones, Jude Higgins, Gabrielle Griffis, Margaret MacInnis, Briana Maley, Yael Veitz, Kayann Short, Alfred Fournier. Painting by Kristy Evans.

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Special Issue: Myths and Legends

Featuring work by Frankie McMillan, Constance Malloy, Melissa Llanes Brownlee, Matt Kendrick, Mandira Pattnaik, Elaine Chiew, Misty Urban, Jason Zwiker, Robert Barrett, and Annie Bien.

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Issue 24

Featuring work by Jude Higgins, Lisa K Buchanan, A.E. Weisgerber, Sage Tyrtle, Ron Burch, Cheryl Markosky, Kim Magowan, Jill Witty, Katie Burgess, Gabrielle Barnby, Angela Readman, Megan Colgan, and Melissa Olstrom.

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Issue 23

Featuring flash by Kim Magowan, Yasmina Din Madden, Kelsey Ipsen, Sabrina Hicks, Beckie Deshiell, Sandie Friedman, Mandira Pattnaik, Rick Bailey, and Susmita Bhattachar.

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Bog Iron by Shane Larkin

We make stops on the way to our bog plot to look at the little skeletons. Dad tells me about them. Curlews and skylarks in dancing poses. Tiny skulls.

Morse Code by Elizabeth Cabrera

The old man fell asleep in his car, his nostrils pressed softly against the steering wheel, but the car kept going, because the old man’s foot was not asleep, was still pressing down hard, and later they would say, it’s not really his fault, he’s such an old man.

The Storyteller of Aleppo by Donna Obeid

In the barren cold camp, you wear a dusty cape and top hat, wave my cane as if it were a wand and tell me your dream-stories, one after the next, your words spun and tossed like tethers into the air.

Amelia Earhart Knew Seven Latin Words for Fire by Joe Kapitan

Ignis, the flaming wreckage, bubbling rubber, liquified cloth, her skin charred and blistering, acrid smoke, the tiny thunders of survival’s kicks

Get Your Authentic Stardust Here by JP Relph

The night the sky cracked, I was sprawled on the hood of my car beside that good-for-nothing boy, naming constellations, ignoring his fingers on my neck.