Max Steiner

Issue 31

Issue 31 includes new work by Jack B. Bedell, Courtney Clute, Giselle Gerbrecht, Jude Higgins, Josie Kochendorfer, Joel Hans, Rosaleen Lynch, Imogen Rae, Max Steiner, and Cecilia Wright.

Vintage photo of a woman leaning on table with a black cat standing next to a skeleton holding a trombone.
Issue #31

Belmont Station and it’s 2 a.m. by Max Steiner

Belmont station and it’s 2 a.m. and the father’s stranded out here somewhere in who the hell knows on his way back home, when it should have been a straight shot but has somehow taken him a good two hours to just end up getting lost like the sad-eyed dogs you’ll see tied up side of the highway sometimes and plus he’s starving, so bad it feels like pennies in his guts.

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