Shaun Levin

Issue 33

Featuring new work by Cole Beauchamp, Elizabeth Conway, Kathy Hoyle, Alex Juffer, Hetty Mosforth, Jane O’Sullivan, Liz Rosen, Shaun Levin, and Kathryn Silver-Hajo.

a suitcase in the middle of a country road
Issue #33

Unwritten by Shaun Levin

My creations fit into my mouth to be birthed out of it, the way all forms of life come into the world, melting like chocolate, hard as earth. Moving between soft and solid, hardening like boiled sugar in water.

Sketch of two people looking at stained glass. Text reads "In Venice, the Lovers in a Church Look at Art by Titian."
Issue #33

The End by Shaun Levin

We have nothing left to say but neither of us wants to get up. Tell me a joke, I say. You say you're bad at jokes, you never remember them, especially not in English.

Sketch of two people leaning against each other. Text reads "You were the Quentin Crisp to my Jack Keerouac (eating hummus)