Tim Craig

Issue 32: Animal Life

Issue 32: Animal Life features work by L. Acadia, Guy Biederman, Tim Craig, Judy Darley, Laura Grant, Brandon Haffner, Lucinda Kempe, Jay Kenny, Georgie Morvis, Alan Michael Parker, Vincent James Perrone, Catherine Roberts, Vimla Sriram, and Sidney Tilghman.

Vintage photo of an elephant in a fancy restaurant holding a champagne bottle with its trunk
Special Issue: Place

Ebb’s Nook by Tim Craig

It’s a liminal place, this promontory. Existing at the point where the sky meets the land, the bay meets the open sea and — with the outline of the tiny 12th Century chapel walls still just visible under the soft turf — the past meets the present.

A man standing on a cliff looking out at the water