Robert Shapard
Issue #8

Piggish by Robert Shapard

I was a piggish child, thin and small. I wore glasses and would eat anything—it was my way of knowing the world. I ate mold, weeds, shoe polish, and fish food. I tasted shit.


Issue 4: Guest Edited by Robert Shapard

New flash fiction by Pamela Painter, Lydia Davis, Bruce Holland Rogers, Edgar Omar Avilés, Daryl Scroggins, Robert Scotellaro, Ana María Shua, Stuart Dybek, Robert Lopez, Eric Rugara, Alicita Rodríguez, Peter Orner, Josip Novakovich, Kuzhali Manickavel, Joseph Starr, Claudia Smith Chen, Tania Hershman, and Pedro Ponce.

Robert Shapard